Adults Ministry

At FCCOP we seek to equip the mind and inflame the heart of adults.  That is why in our Sunday School hour the adults will learn all of the doctrines of God. It is our desire to build a creative learning environment that will bring about maturity within one’s walk with Christ. 

Teens Ministry

At FCCOP we understand that teenagers are faced with crucial questions pertaining to how we got the Bible, the problem of evil, evaluation, and the purpose of life.  Therefore, our teenagers are taught apologetics from a Christian worldview.  This will prepare the youth to not only be an effective witness for Christ, but to equip them to live out there faith in a secular society. All teenagers will be accepted no matter what economic background they are from. 

Children Ministry

At FCCOP we truly value the spiritual development of children.  That is why all the precious children are admonished and taught Biblically.  We will instruct the heart and mind with God’s word. All Children at FCCOP will be accepted no matter what economic background they are from.       

Wed. Night Ministry

At FCCOP we also provide a Biblical study on Wednesday evenings starting at 6 PM. We study different topics such as Christian apologetics, Theology, Christology, Pneumatology, The doctrine of sin, salvation and many other topics.  This will help us to grow as disciples.  It is not to stay in the classroom though- Christ commands us all to “Go therefore (Matt. 28:19)” and reproduce to the lost.